Planting the Seeds for Independent Life


We are living in an era where most people are totally dependent on the human system. This reality is not a sustainable life for any future because at some point the major systems that we now take for granted will collapse, and when that happens people will collapse alongside them. Therefore, now is the time to plant the seeds for a different culture of independent, people who will be able to sustain themselves no matter what happens around them. The idea is simple: take people like refugees and other poor people all over the world and teach them via an army of volunteers how to live sustainably off of the land. By doing so we will plant the seeds and awareness of a new kind of life that could potentially sustain us forever.

You can define this plan like a charity organization that helps people all over the world, but it is much more than that because it will actualize a new paradigm shift that will transform people who cannot exist on their own into people who can sustain themselves forever. Normal charity organizations generally do not solve the real problem, which is that people always need support in one way or another. Therefore, this initiative would help people to help themselves so that they can contribute to the world and to the new free collective that we are trying to build here.

In our current era and culture we generally subscribe to the viewpoint that people must be supported by the authorities and economy in order to live their lives. The goal of this initiative is to make the public understand that it is well within their reach to start living a new kind of life that would enable people to be self reliant. After experiencing this new kind of living and undergoing special training, the army of volunteers will be able to teach others effectively, thus slowly changing public perspective and opinion. This is the starting point for how we can escape our current reality of people being dependent on the human system and hence being unable to solve the world's problems. After all, the system is not acting in accordance with the reality of a sustainable future and is plagued by problems of capital and large organizations' interests and not by the things that would actually benefit people and the environment.

To build new homes for the people that we are trying to help, we would primarily use local, natural building materials, for it is much more logical to do so than to ship building materials from the other side of the globe. A lifestyle that consists of living off of the land is fundamentally different from the lifestyles that most of us are currently familiar with. In some aspects it is a much simpler life that is free of authorities and institutions breathing down our necks. However, in other aspects we need to build much more knowledge and skills to handle the many real-life problems that will no doubt arise. Living without infrastructure has its benefits in that it comprises a much closer connection to raw nature and thus offers a much more rewarding and exciting kind of life. In this era we have all the tools and knowledge we need to live with nature in a much more efficient way than ever before—just look at the Internet to see how much material there is on just about everything. Therefore, we are now more prepared to start these kinds of activities and promote this lifestyle to people all over the world than we have been at any other point in history.

Finding volunteers to spread this new kind of lifestyle will be easy, for it is a fascinating and rewarding concept that will greatly benefit the volunteers by enriching them through real-life opportunities and exciting knowledge. These volunteers will then plant the roots of this message into our culture so that people will gradually come to understand that sustainability is actually a legitimate kind of living.

As for the refugees and other poor people, they will themselves have a tremendous motivation to regain their pride and be able to cope with reality on their own by raising their own food, collecting their own water, and generating their own energy. After they settle into their new lives, they themselves will be intrinsically motivated to spread this kind of lifestyle further on to more and more people.

This is my idea of how we can plant the seeds for an independent life so that we can start dealing with reality directly without any collective imaginary concepts that do not reflect our best interests and slowly destroy our environment. With this new way of living we will gain the ability to coexist with our planet in a fundamentally healthier way that will ultimately benefit the natural environment and all of its inhabitants.

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