About the Site


This site is about “The New Era of Freedom for Mankind.” If we, the human race, want total freedom, it can only come about by not being dependent on any human collective and creating by ourselves all the basic things that we need to thrive. Making a living from our own piece of land is the key that will provide this freedom. This glorious human collective will consist of free people that are not obligated to anything but their own inner selves, hearts and desires. When all individuals in the world are truly free, what we currently know as human society will be completely redefined.

We already have everything we need to make this revolution a reality: we have the entire knowledge of a civilization, every tool we can think of and an overabundance of food that has adapted to us after thousands years of our domestication. Even our mentality is halfway there, as one of our major beliefs—at least in the free world—is that individuals are centrally important. Not being dependent on any fixed system and having a totally free perspective to see reality as it truly is will enable us to live for millions, if not billions, of years; in other words, we can think of this as a type of insurance. On the other hand, keeping this unconscious human collective of an uncontrolled economy is a certain path to total collapse at some point in the future—likely one that is not far off.

Therefore, the New Era is our only option for living free on this earth. The question is, will we get to this free world BEFORE or AFTER a major, world-wide collapse?

This site is an inspiration from a dream that I had, in which a redheaded couple came from another reality to guide our civilization to a new era.parting